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February 2009 Newsletter

February 20th, 2009 Posted by News No Comment yet

“It’s an adventure!” I had spoken these words many times over the past few weeks to the five individuals who came with me to HopeCC in Kenya in February.

How is it possible to prepare for what would happen in this different culture on a foreign continent, interacting with people who have experienced incredible life stories??

The anticipation of and flexibility required to thoroughly enjoy an adventure of this nature gains stability because of the trustworthiness of God.

December 2008 Newsletter

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Christmas is celebrated in exactly 5 days and I am in another mind frame as I return from my sixth trip (in 2 years) to Kenya. As I sit on the plane flying back to Canada, I reflect on the presence of God in the 7 days that I just spent there with my niece. The two of us were blessed by the family at Hope Community Center.

Christmas 2008 Newsletter

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It has been quite the exciting year for Henry and I. To start the year off, we had another grandson born in January. He has just taken his first 6 steps tonight. Fun! He is ready to run, not walk. His brother Jake and him are so very different in looks and character. That should be a challenge to parent but so much
fun! We love having them close by and spend time with them throughout each week. It’s wonderful having both Julie and Scott working in Henry’s companies.
Cherie received a roommate in March so moved back into her house. They have their challenges between the two of them but they are working it out. Cherie just adopted a 10 month old Maltese cross dog and loves him. It will be a good companion for her. She is taking piano lessons and also joined a Toastmaster’s club. So Cherie has presented her first speech and doing her second one this next week.

September 2008 Newsletter

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Another trip to HopeCC has come and gone. It is always interesting and encouraging to see the various changes that have occurred since the last visit. This trip happened to be like none other has ever been. It was full of baby days (& nights)!! I, along with the 7 that came with me, were not prepared for what that
would look like.

May 2008 Newsletter

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August 2007 Newsletter

August 20th, 2007 Posted by News No Comment yet

What a trip July 31-August 16 was! I, along with 7 other people (who didn’t really know each other very well), spent many hours traveling and 10 days at Hope Community Center together experiencing Kenyan life at the large home for former street children. We were all stretched and challenged, and very blessed! It always warms my heart exceedingly when I hear the children playing and
laughing with each other.

May 2007 Newsletter

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Henry and I are so pleased to be able to share with you the excitement of our involvement with an orphanage in Kenya. It was only in December, 2006 that we heard of this opportunity and by January we were on our way there. Our intent in going there was to become involved in purchasing 10 acres for the orphanage so that a needed high school could be built at their location.

January 2007 Newsletter

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What a huge privilege we have in being “God with skin on”! As I look over the last 2 ½ months, I realize that our God delights in orchestrating His love to those created in His image. Henry and I were in Kenya, Africa and it is changing our lives. It was only mid-December that we spoke with the Chabots about Kenya, discovered an amazing opportunity, and then found ourselves among 170 beautiful children (age 3 and up) and their mama Lucy in an orphanage the beginning of January.