February 2020 Newsletter

Hope Community Center Newsletter  ~ February 2020 By Irene Hamm Once more, I was privileged to be part of the family at Hope Community Center the end of February 2020.  It was wonderful to be picked up by Mama Lucy along with 2 other women who arrived from the Toronto area.  The children greeted us …

January 2017 Newsletter

                         God is a good Father – always.  There is no distinction between the God of Canada and the God of Kenya, He is the same God and yet there is a unique vibrant fullness within the singing of the children at HopeCC.  Though …

May 2016 Newsletter

It’s early evening and my head is jerking, nodding out of control as I fight sleep. Jet lag is one of the hard aspects of making a trip to HopeCC but do I go again? For sure! It is always amazing to see what changes are happening there and the presence of God is seen …

February 2016 Newsletter

We are on our way home with our minds full of memories and our hearts warmed by our stay at HopeCC.  Joining me this time were 2 ladies from Ontario plus a lady and 2 dentists from my home town.  It was a very fast week full of organizing baby clothes and items, packing up …

New Fund Raiser!

Irene has written a Children’s book about Lucy and her babies.  The book cost $20 each and 100% of the money will go directly to Hope CC.  To purchase one (or more) please contact us and we will arrange the best way to ship it to you. Use the Contact Page or email us directly …

May 2015 Newsletter

“This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Each day is given by our heavenly Father with a purpose. It is given in love. This trip to HopeCC held a lot of emotion from deep mourning to great rejoicing.

February 2015 Newsletter

It is midnight and my plane pierces the darkness, leaving behind the fading lights below, the only visible sign of in habitation. The moon lies on its back and I settle in for a night’s sleep, reflecting on my stay at HopeCC. I had just found out this morning that my sick sister had died and so Lucy and her big family had gathered around me praying God’s presence around myself and my sister’s family. Just a month previously pastor Gerald’s wife had died leaving him with his 2 week old son, Abel. Family means being there for each other in support. Death is part of life and God is a good God who comforts us with the anticipation of being with Him forever. And He sustains us through the hard times.

February 2014 Newsletter

Another trip has come and gone. It has been nearly a year since I have been at HopeCC, which is a very long time! My companion, a young lady, came with me this time. Since we arrived in the evening, we stayed at HopeCC’s guest house
not far from the airport in Nairobi. It is a very comfortable and safe townhouse with 3 bedrooms on the upper floor . It was great to have a shower and sleep lying down after the long flight on the plane. In the morning, we met with Lucy and did
several things before arriving at HopeCC.

March 2012 Newsletter

Yes, that’s right – I made another trip to HopeCC. I woke up Friday morning and felt that I was to go along with a local dentist scheduled to check out the condition of the teeth of the children at HopeCC. My husband agreed and three days later, I was on a flight bringing me to Nairobi. That is the quickest trip to Kenya that I’ve ever made for myself.

January 2012 Newsletter

This last trip was a challenge and full of great experiences. There were 11 of us spending 12 days at HopeCC this time, 4 of us being siblings! We traveled from several different locations within Canada as well as my sister and daughter from Australia. It was a diverse group of backgrounds and expectations. Through it all, I learned more about myself, the difference in cultures and also about God’s heart.