January 2007 Newsletter

What a huge privilege we have in being “God with skin on”! As I look over the last 2 ½ months, I realize that our God delights in orchestrating His love to those created in His image. Henry and I were in Kenya, Africa and it is changing our lives. It was only mid-December that we spoke with the Chabots about Kenya, discovered an amazing opportunity, and then found ourselves among 170 beautiful children (age 3 and up) and their mama Lucy in an orphanage the beginning of January. After many years of struggling and many fervent prayers from Lucy and her children, God began opening the floodgates of His goodness upon them. God used us to begin answering their prayers – but it is just the beginning of great things to come.
We were only at the orphanage for 5 whole days but a lot was accomplished right before our eyes – 10.4 acres of land adjacent to the orphanage were purchased so that a high school can be built on it, the boys’ new dormitory is being finished, a cement slab was poured at the entrance of the dining/kitchen building, 23 high school students were sent to school, tables and chairs for 200 people were
ordered for their empty dining room, and electricity is being brought in. It was a delight to open our hands and hearts to them. Physical needs are so important and can be measured visually, what about their spiritual and emotional needs?
We were so blessed to observe their reliance upon our heavenly Father. At one point of their Sunday morning service, Lucy called upon her children to take 2 minutes and thank their God for us. The children folded their hands, lifted their faces to the heavens and all began to speak at once – their faces earnestly beseeching God to bless us. After about 2 minutes, the room became quiet. The presence of God was in the room, He breathed upon us. We have much to learn from these children who lean upon their heavenly Father. It is humbling and creates a huge lump in my throat.
Every morning, mattresses and blankets are brought to be laid on the grass to dry. Many children wet their beds at night due to the trauma that they have experienced in their younger years.
God desires to heal them of their pain and He will. He is.
Henry and I are planning to return to Kenya March 31st with
the goals of :
1. Taking a picture of each child, obtain their life story and offer it to you as an opportunity to become involved in their lives. We will offer more info later.
2. Finding more orphanages/projects to support. As Henry interacts with so many business people, he realizes that others are eager to help. Our goal is to have many wonderful opportunities for anyone/business to get involved.
For anyone who does want to help right now, clothes and shoes are needed especially since it is cool in this area because of the high altitude. We’d be happy to take whatever we can. The website for the orphanage is hopecckenya.org if you are interested to know more about it.
In August, I will be going to the orphanage with about 10 people. It is a skeleton group with each having an important role of connecting with our church, Henry’s business world and also our children.
There is no place to stay at the orphanage at present but we will initiate the building of a guest house asap. It is important to offer the opportunity of experiencing this world personally to all who want to go there and also important not to get sick while there. Our vision is small compared to God’s, so I am very excited, anticipating what God has planned.
Ask Him what your part may be.