January 2012 Newsletter

This last trip was a challenge and full of great experineces. There were 11 of us spending 12 days at HopeCC this time, 4 of us being siblings! We traveled from several different locations withing Canada as well as my sister and daughter from Australia. It was a diverse group of backgrounds and expectations. Through it all, I learned more about myself, the difference in cultues and also about God’s heart.

I lvoe to support vibrant leaders and have a harder time being a vibrant leader myself.

I love to come along side of my sitsa Lucy, to encourage and support her – that comes naturally – but being a leader for this group of 10 was a stretch for me.

HopeC is not MY orphanage. It is not even Mama Lucy’s oraphanage, it is God’s. seeing God work in and through a different culture is so very enriching. He understands the challenges that we all have and He empowers what we each have been created to be.

As foreigners come to HopeCC with our resoures of knowledge and/or posessions, I realize that each of us can learn from the other with open hands to give and reveive. I have been very enriched by being part of HopeCC. God has empowered me in ways that were possible only by participating in the life of HopeCC. I have thankful.

We had several projects in mind before we arrived at HopeCC and some of them were accomplished.

New panes of glass were set into windows, potatoes planted, kitchen painted, crafts, sewing projects, organiing ‘stuff’, libary set up and equipped (new metal bookshelves and benches made) and medical needs addressed. We also did several occasions of celebration such as the dedication of the new high school, baptisms, baby dedications an all day African wedding and party time of ice cream, cupcakes and dancing for all. It was a full time together!

The  school  library  will  be  enjoyed  by  all  the  students.    Since  the  new  high  school  has  been  completed,  a  room  was  set  aside  to  hold  all  of  HopeCC’s  books,  both  reference  and  story  books.    The  games  were  also  placed  into  that  room  so  that  children  can  have  access  to  them.    Biography  books  are  needed  for  the high  school  section  since  there  are  very  few
 stories  for  them  to  read.    A  student  was  given  the  responsibility  of  librarian  and  hopefully  many  students  will  flourish  in  their  reading  adventure.
Since  my  niece  is  studying  to  be  a  doctor,  she  set  out  in  diagnosing  several  critical  cases  of  medical  needs.    Four  high  school  students  who  are  striving  to  be  nurses  and  doctors  were  trained  on  how  to  treat    fungi  conditions  as  well  as  the  administration  of  prescribed  medication.    It  was  on  the  last  full  day  of  our  stay  at  HopeCC,  that  the  local  doctor  finally  came  to  tend  to  those  needing  medical  attention.    He  was  a  welcome  sight!
Lucy  informed  me  that  a  clinic  was  going  to  be started  to  be  built  the  day  after  we  left  in  order  to  address  the  medical  needs  of  the  children.    That  will  be  great!
My  husband,  Henry  came  for  a  couple  of  days  in  order  to  take  part  in  the  dedication  of  the  newly  completed  high  school  of  HopeCC.
This  three  storey  stone  building  looks  great  and  is  able  to  educate  up  to  100  students.    It  was  a  great  joyous  celebration,  even  with  the  act  of  cutting  a  ribbon.
 Lucy  has  accepted  the  attendance  of  10  outside  high  school  students  for  this  new  year.    Since  HopeCC  did  receive  a  scholarship  from  the  government  to  pay  for  up  to 20  high  school  students,  the  eighteen grade  12  students  are  now  billeted  out  to  various  high  schools.    This  was  a  real  blessing  from  God  since  the  laboratory  is  not  yet  set  up  in  the  new school  and  also, the  expenses  of  these  18  students  are  paid  for  this  year.
The  payment  of  food  is  still  critical  for  HopeCC.    Prices  of  maize,  beans  and  rice  have  risen  making  it  very  hard  to  make  ends  meet.
Lucy  has  now  rented  a  3  acre  plot  of  land  to  grow  additional  potatoes  for  HopeCC.    Food  is  something  that  we  take  for  granted  but  something  that  HopeCC  is  very  thankful  for.    Thank  you  to  those  sponsors  who  are  committed  to  help  with  the  cost  of  food.
If  you  would  like  to  contribute  in  supporting  HopeCC,  please  go  to  Hope  International  website  to  donate  and  obtain  an  income  tax  receipt (make  sure  that  you  specify  HopeCC  Kenya).    Thank  you!
Besides  the  high  school  dedication,  we  all  took  part  in  an  African  wedding  on  site!    What  a  celebration  that  was!
 Lucy’s  sister,  Pricah  was  married  2  years  ago  in  the  United  States  and  wanted  to  have  an  African  wedding.    So  her  husband,  Michael  and  herself  chose  to  renew  their  marriage  vows  while  we  were  there.
It  was  grand  with  many  students  in  the  bridal  party,  designated  parents  for  the  bride  and  groom,  much  singing,  and  the  exchanging  of  vows  and  rings.    I  loved  the  entrance  of  the  bride  into  the  HopeCC  compound  the  African  way  with  the  community  women  barring  entrance  of  Priscah  with  their  songs  of  stating  that Priscah  needed  to  know  how  to  hold  a  baby  before  getting  married,  etc.    Finally  she  was  allowed  entrance  and  the  procession  began.    Blessing  on  your  marriage,  Priscah  and  Michael!
Eight  of  us,  including  us  4  siblings,  concluded  our  stay  in  Kenya  with  a  wonderful  safari  adventure.    God  is  Lord  over  all  on  the  earth.    I  chuckle  as  I  remember  the  turkey  outside  of  the  dining  hall  during  the  singing  of  the  children  he,  with  his  neck  outstretched  gobbled  exuberantly  praises  to  God  as  well,  gobbling  over  and  over!  The  majesty  of  God  is  seen  in  creation.    He  is  worthy  of  our  praise.
Going  to  HopeCC  Kenya is not a holiday for me. It always presents it’s stretching moments out of  my comfort zone and has no luxuries to bask in. But it does hold many golden opportunities to serve others and I am privileged to experience God in very rich ways. I’ll be going back again and again because I love that awesome.