November 2009 Newsletter

Introducing our new Hope CC Canada Website and Newsletter!

This is our first edition of the new Hope CC Canada Newsletter. You are invited into our Canadian- based community who are supporters of Lucy Gacheru and Hope Community Centre in Kenya.

This letter is also linked to our new website. The site is full of information about HopeCC and our community including all past update letters from Irene Hamm. Come visit the new site. Our goal is to grow our community of supporters so I encourage you to forward this letter to anyone interested in learning more about efforts to support the children of Kenya. The website has a location to sign up to join our email list as well. (Note: You will continue to receive updates unless you unsubscribe by clicking on the bottom icon.) I want to give special thanks to Irene and Henry Hamm for their generous support and passion for Lucy’s and her kids and to Sarah Mawson for her design of the website and newsletter.

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Dan Mawson – Webmaster

October Newsletter 2009 – Kenyan Drought Continues

As I return into the land of plenty, I reflect on the one week stay at HopeCC by myself and 6 other women who came with me. Drought has plagued Kenya, depleting the meagre resource of water. The price of maize, potatoes, beans, and cabbage has doubled in price over the last few months. One hundred and eighty mouths (up to grade 9) are alot to feed daily, yet Mama Lucy continues to trust in her heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh. As we travel in her vehicle, Lucy remarks that her God has always looked after them, has never forsaken them, ‘never’ she says – ‘never’. It was a comment that was spoken from experience, a simple word that was repeated so that her ears could hear and uphold what her mouth had just spoken. Never forsaken. Never. He is never out of his children’s sight. Never. My heart thirsted for their dependence on the Father’s love. Humbleness brought their hearts in worship and praise to their Provider of their meagre daily provisions. How truly rich they are!

HopeCC lives and acts on the hope that they have in Jesus. A tractor was hired to work up the one acre patch of land to prepare it for the prayed for rains. A bulging sack holding 90 kgs of seed potatoes was purchased and within an hour with the help of 30 new hoes and many strong hands, one quarter of an acre was planted, fertilized, and covered by the many children. Cabbage plants were also nestled in the rich soul The garden patch was so colourful with the children’s red and green uniforms against the dark, rich soil. The next day, 2 more sacks were delivered and again, the children worked hard in planting them. A truck delivered 1000 trees of three different types including pine and cedar saplings.

A third of them were planted along the perimeter of the newly planted garden. These small saplings will grow in 4-5 years into precious timber trees. All were planted in expectation that their heavenly Father would bring rain. Hope is what the orphanage is all about. Living hope. A plentiful harvest of potatoes is anticipated by January, – if it rains.

Another sign of hope was the purchase of about 60 pair of gumboots for the children who do not have proper footwear. The donated funds for the boots produced many excited faces on those who received them. Now they certainly are prepared for the anticipated rains. The drilling of a borehole has been discussed with the leaders of the surrounding community of HopeCC.

The borehole would be drilled on HopeCC’s land since it is ‘community’ land and then it would be piped out into the surrounding community. As soon as the necessary information and funds have been gathered, the drilling will begin. With a reliable source of good water, the future of the whole community will brighten with better health and hygiene, assurance for the sustenance of their animals, and also increase the production crops of vegetables because of the possible irrigation. Their economy will rise to a whole new level. Lucy is committed to supporting the betterment of her community. The anticipated resource of water is exciting!

It was a delight to see the once small babies now crawling and close to walking independently. The 16 babies are alert, clapping their hands and pulling themselves up on the skirts of the community women who care for them. With the addition of the two small premature babies, there are 18 babies under the age of 16 months. It makes me wonder who they will become since they will not have had to experience the life of a street child. They are loved by their brothers and sisters. There is a constant activity of changing diapers, preparing bottles and food, washing clothes and interacting with these growing little ones. Much time was spent by 2 of the women who came with me, in sorting out clothes and organizing the nursery. Lucy is longing for a passionate woman who would organize the nursery and ensure that the babies be lovingly cared for. It is a huge job.

HopeCC has recorded an hour long DVD/CD of the children’s choir. A music instructor came out to HopeCC consistently every week to prepare them for this production. What a joy to see and hear them sing with such gratitude and joy to their Maker. Lucy is hoping to have 600 copies produced and available for sale shortly.

We now have a great Canadian website for HopeCC = Please do take a look at it. Lucy needs financial support especially during this time of drought and so we are thankful that donations can be made through Hope International who will issue a tax receipt. There is now an easy link on the website to make donations. Lucy needs our prayers and support as she fills the gap for the health and well-being of her big family of HopeCC. God is the Giver of Hope and He uses each of us to fulfil his will in the area that he has gifted us. Each part of the body must be willing to do their part in order for the body to function properly. So I ask you, “What is your part?” Thank you from HopeCC.